I am Shoe-Gal

I think we could all do with a dose of shoe candy, couldn’t we?

Garance Dorè in her Pierre Hardy mesh boots.

Here are some pics from the web of what’s being seen on the tootsies of those who can afford the best!

Christian Dior from the Fall 2008 Couture runway.  Could they be an higher?

As we are still in the midst of winter here in the southern hemisphere, here are some boots to enjoy.

Chanel – yes, I can see my tootsies in these.

 Gorgeous fold-over leather boots.  I like her clutch too.

Alexander McQueen

And now for some colour!

Balenciaga – a bit like a Leggo creation, but it works.
Jil Sander – I’m a sucker for anything green
Jimmy Choo
Balmain – lovely
Carin Roitfeld wearing her Givenchy heels.
Calvin Klein – I love these
Miu Miu

Nicholas Kirkwood – sex on heels
Pierre Hardy – they kind of remind me of my Asics Gel runners.
Yves Saint Laurent
And now for some architectural and theatrical triumphs.
Stella McCartney- très avant garde, oui?


Alaia – now these look comfortable and sexy.
Dior Goddess heels.  These are so high I would probably get vertigo!
Photo by Garance Dorè.  Stunning.

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte.  The spikes are a little reminiscent of Bond baddie Rosa Klebb?



I don’t know who designed these, but aren’t they gorgeous?
Christian Louboutin – the red sole and the red varnish on her nails = perfection.
Prada – green is my favourite colour.
Proenza Schouler – these are on my wish list. 

Sigh… well that brings us to the end of another gorgeous designer heels extravaganza.
I think that designers are getting more out-there and more daring with their designs and what they expect us to teeter on.
I am also in awe of the fearless women who wear these amazing heels.  They walk in them and manage to stay upright – all for our viewing pleasure!  I salute you ladies.

Ciao for now,

By the way, thank you to those who have been leaving such lovely and encouraging comments on my posts.  I love hearing from you so much!  It makes my day every time, so thanks lovelies! xx


Sources: JakandJil , beatrice, Garance Dorè

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