I Am In Denim Heaven!

 Me so happy!

I just wanted to tell you all that I had great success today in finding not one but three pairs of jeans!  Hurrah!
Yesterday I went out with my super lovely and très stylish mother-in-law and we hit the shops to find me some jeans.  It was dreadful.  Nothing fit properly, I tried on so many pairs and they all looked terrible and nothing felt right.  I sulked all the way home feeling very disillusioned.


I was not to be defeated though and today I awoke with a new vigour and a new attitude!  I headed on down to Cuba St, I made one stop at Recycle Boutique and bam!  Three hot pairs of designer denim at less than half the price of brand new ones.  To be honest though, the bargain prices were not the drawcard.  I wouldn’t care if I had to pay a lot more for my perfect jeans, I just wanted them to feel like they were mine when I put them on.  And so I took a chance that this fantastic little vintage and recycled clothing boutique would be able to save the day and save the day it did!  I couldn’t be happier with my trois ange de denim!  Diesel, Workshop and Sass & Bide.  All three fit gloriously, all three make my derriere look perky and all three are making me so very, very happy! 

So I guess the best thing to do in a fashion crises, is to just let go…

Images from ffffound!

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2 thoughts on “I Am In Denim Heaven!

  1. i LOVE that poster 'everything gets worse before it gets better' and am definitely regifting it to myself for my blog :)congrats on your jeans- they are the MAIN THING for me.

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