Denim: What Price Perfection?

Back in 1981 Brooke Shields declared that “nothing comes between me and my Calvin’s.” Well I can relate to those words Brooke because I would never give up my favourite jeans.  Never.  They are like a best friend to me.  You know what I mean?  Because when you have found the perfect jean for you, it’s nirvana.

I write today about jeans because I realised recently that I am in a dire situation.  I am desperate for a new pair of jeans.  I want, I need, I have to have them now!  My husband of course would say: “What’s wrong with all those pairs in your wardrobe?”  Typical.  What does he know?  It’s so easy for a man to buy jeans.  They go in to the store, they see a pair, they find their size, try them on and it’s done.  My husband is right though because I do own many pairs of jeans.  You see I find it very difficult to part with them.  I have a pair that I have owned since I was 18 years old and I have some that are currently on hiatus because they are either too tight or too loose on me.  Sadly my absolute favourites which have been a part of my wardrobe since 2002 well, they are slowly beginning to wear out. If I don’t find new favourites soon I fear I will be left with out any jeans to wear – oh the horror!

True Religion.  On my hit list.

Aside from how they fit my body, it’s all about the pockets.  I like a nice pocket, I really do.  Remember that picture of Gwyneth Paltrow in her Blue Cult jeans with the front flap pockets?

I loved this look, the jeans with the collard shirt, loose hair, white clutch.  Perfection.

“I wear jeans all the time, and so I have my favorite jeans that I really love…I have Juicy Jeans and paper, denim and cloth jeans and Levi’s and just all kinds of jeans. I love jeans.” Gwyneth Paltrow

Someone else who knows how to work her denim is Jennifer Aniston.  The woman must own hundreds of jeans… literally.  So jealous because she never looks bad in them.  Never.

Jennifer Aniston in her Degaine jeans.
Jennifer in her boyfriend jeans.

When your jeans are well worn-in, they fit like nothing else.  That is if you can find the right pair of course.  For it is not an easy process, no matter your body shape, one would think there would be someone out there that makes a jean perfect for you, oui?   It is almost diabolical how many denim designers there are out there now.  I found a website called Zafu which claims that by completing their simple 3 minute quiz they can match you to jean styles that are most suited to your body type and your style preference.  Hmm… I was skeptical but I did their quiz.  The results were extensive – I was given 66 styles and brands to choose from and I am now more confused than ever.  

Nicole Richie in her acid-wash denim.  Bohemian chic with a rock edge.

I love jeans because they can be worn anywhere.  You can dress them up or wear them with a t-shirt.  Bliss!  The problem is finding the perfect jean for me and what makes it harder is that looking good in a pair of blue jeans is beginning to feel like an unattainable goal.  For instance, yesterday I tried on jeans at a Max store in town.  These jeans looked cool, they had a fantastic back pocket and they were the right length.  When I tried them on they fit well at the hips, perfectly actually, they accentuated my derriere and hugged my hips and thighs just right.  But the denim billowed around the lower part of my legs.  An instant turn-off.  I was so disappointed!

These ladies managed to find a perfect pair, why-o-why can’t I?

These days there are more styles cuts and finishes to choose from than ever before, which is making finding my pair even more confusing.  I think this is why I have left it so long; why I have not been actively seeking out the perfect make for me and by actively seeking I refer to actually going into stores and physically trying on pairs of jeans.  Instead, I have been arm-chair searching by going through magazines and of course people-watching in the streets.  There are designers that are taking jeans to a whole new level, such as Ksubi and Sass and Bide.  The choices are limitless (well, not limitless in terms of my budget unfortunately).

Jeans by Balmain.

Let’s say I did have an unlimited budget for instance. Would I then go out and purchase these Balmain jeans at £1,000 that are in these times of the credit-crunch in fact selling out?

 Jeans by Tom Ford.

Or would I prefer to opt for Tom Ford’s $US990 jeans?  Now I know that there is nothing special about the Balmain jeans other than they are designed by Christophe Decarnin and carry the Balmain label, but they are essentially just distressed and torn denim.  Tom Ford’s jeans however are made from Japanese selvedge denim that has been pre-washed and pre-shrunken so the dye doesn’t rub off.  They also feature pockets that are lined with the same silk fabric Ford uses to line his suits (nice) and the cherry on top is an 18karat gold-plated front button.  Wouldn’t it suck if you lost that button!  I wonder if he includes a spare?  Worse though is they are only available in black or white.  What? No blue?  Sorry Tom, I need blue jeans.  Well I guess that eliminates Tom Ford’s denim from my list.

Gwyneth, Angie Harmon, Katie and Natalie are wearing the current top faves I am craving.

Diesel, Calvin Klein, Citizens of Humanity, Earnest Sewn, Ksubi, Rock and Republic, Levis’s, Paper Denim and Cloth, Jordache, Sass and Bide, True Religion, Seven For All Mankind, Joe’s Jeans, Superfine… and I’m only just scratching the surface.  So many labels, so little time (and money…) blast.

And so I have come to a decision.  I will gather together images of my favourite jeans and then go to the stores to try them all on.  Each and everyone of them.  Only then will I find my new favourite jeans.  Only then will I come close to finding perfection!

I do wonder though… would the Balmain jeans fit me any better, look any better, last any longer than a $49 pair from a chain store?  Would anyone notice that they are £1,000 jeans?

Thank you to Denimology for some of the images used in this post.

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