Hair, Headbands, etc…

I like these green sparkly eyes.  Somehow I just end up looking like a school girl who has been playing with Mummy’s makeup when I try to do something like this to my own eyes. 

One day I would like to have a makeup artist show me how to do these kind of eyes on myself.  Oh and that smokey eye thing too, I love that!

I like her hair, don’t you?  Simple, classic and low maintenance.  How we wear our hair says as much about ourselves as our outfit does.  The day I wash my hair, it will do mostly as it is told. It will often sit just like this girls hair above.  On the day after washing it, I like to make loose plaits and leave a few strands of hair out so that it looks cute but funky.  And if I make it through to day 3, well I usually have to wear a hat, or pull it up in a bun, right off my face.  It’s funny how I’ve developed a routine for my hair.  I think that having kids and a busy morning routine, I have to have one otherwise I would never get out the door in time and my girls would be forever late to school.

If you’re like me headbands (of which I own plenty) are a bit like hats (of which I also own plenty).  They seem like a good idea at the time, but it takes a lot of courage to last the whole day in it.  Half-way through the day my head is aching and once you take the headband off to readjust it, I can never get it to look like I did when I left the house that morning.  Know what I mean?

Thank you Garance and Vogue Australia.  

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