I Heart Old World Charm

More gorgeous things for you to browse today.

I am naturally drawn to older style houses and it’s easy to see why when they are as cute as this one.  My own hundred-and-two year old home is filled with old world charm and character.  The house we have moved into in New Zealand is also over 100 years old, so it’s no coincidence that I would move in to this house in heartbeat!

This lovely little Hampton’s home belongs to Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick.  Aren’t they lucky?  There is just so much to love about older homes but I like to add contemporary features and furnishings to inject a modern edge.  Which also means I can have all the modern conveniences that a new home offers without losing any of the old world charm.

SJP’s kitchen is ultra modern but it still has that country edge.  I like the exposed beams with sunken lighting in them.  I also like the way they have kept the chimney exposed on the extractor fan.

Amanda Peet’s dining room is eclectic and home-y at the same time, which is right up my alley.  I like her use of the mirror over the side-board, it gives the illusion of space.

I’m attracted to colour, and in particular the colour green.  This dining room (also belonging to Amanda Peet) is filled with light.  The built in shelving is a great space-saver and I just adore the gas chandelier don’t you?

What a beautiful entry hall.  The duck-egg blue door is divine.

More colour!  The bare floorboards, the white walls and this coloured rug on the stairs is pure perfection to me and utterly gorgeous to behold.

Check out these red rockers!  I just love that use of bold colour.

Here is an old-style kitchen that has been given a contemporary face-lift.  The open shelving is an excellent way to add more storage space without losing floor space.  The colour scheme is probably not for some, but I just love it.  The wooden bench-top and the scrubbed pine table keeps a nice warmth about the kitchen too.

I heart this upholstered bed.  I just love this style of bed, so this is just me showing you another upholstered bed because I can.  Sorry I just can’t help myself.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Mood lighting is so important!  This is a great way to add lighting to a small space.  Sometimes the table gets too crowded with drinks and food and there is no where for the candles to go.  This eliminates that problem.  Easy!

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One thought on “I Heart Old World Charm

  1. I just adore your blog, babe! It’s presented so beautifully in your typically stunning style. Please please keep them coming so as to inspire the likes of me (you’ve got me thinking about the sort of blog I’d like to keep). Oh and maybe you could post some pictures of your own Inspirational Abode!
    (this is Kirsty btw. I’ve had a few technical issues posting this comment. God help me)

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