I Heart A Rainy Day

Things to make and do on a cold and wet day.

I think my brain begins to go to mush when there has been too much rain. It’s been raining for nearly two weeks now and I have started to lose all inspiration.  Ideas I had thought were good are turning out to be nothing. So to help my brain get back on track I’ve compiled this collection of things to inspire myself and hopefully they will inspire you also if ever you feel that you are over the weather!

The first thing to do is to get yourself into something comfy.  My favourite rainy day attire is ugg boots, track pants, and my husbands old wooly jumper.  Then there is nothing to do but to find something to do lest you wind up vegetating on the couch watching too many movies and eating way to much junk food!

The next thing to do is make yourself a warming cup of tea and to attack that pile of filing that has been collecting for the past few months.  Or you could of course choose to attack the huge pile of ironing instead because that’s going to keep you busy for some time.  What about those boxes, containers or trunks of stuff that you’ve collected over the years? Discard anything that begs the questions “what on earth did I keep that for so long for?” or the classic “why?” A glass of red wine while you do this can help immensely.  

How great would it be to have an entire room dedicated to your clothes?  The ultimate walk-in-closet if you will.  So if you have a spare room in your house, turn it into something useful why don’t you?  How often do you have guests to stay over anyway?  Or you could change the furniture around in your living room – one of my all-time favourite wet weather things to do.  It certainly kills the bordeom!

Go through your kitchen cupboards, clean out any out of date food and see if there isn’t anything that could be made more useful elsewhere in the house.  I love this idea.  Using an old-fashioned toast rack to put your envelopes.  Very neat!

I just had a great idea!  This would be great on a rainy day if you’re bored and looking for something to do.  Grab a few girlfriends, dress up in some gorgeous clothes, set your camera up on a tripod and set the timer to take some photographs of you all being silly!  I bet you would get some great shots and they would be great for posterity.

I am feeling all inspired and motivated now, I think I’ll go off and move some furniture around in my living room.  Maybe then I’ll attack that huge pile of ironing – hubby needs a shirt for work tomorrow.

Thanks you to The Cherry Blossom Girl  and Domino for some of these images.

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