I Wish I Could Have a Burberry Trench

At the beginning of every winter it is time to evaluate my wardrobe.
I like to go through my clothes and work out if I need to toss, repair, archive or replace anything.  Comfort is key so I tend to live mostly in jeans and boots, long-sleeved tee’s, skivvies, scarves, gloves, and I have an assortment of beanies and hats to choose from.  But the key piece is a winter coat.  One that provides warmth and also keeps the rain off and the wind out.  A few years ago I bought myself a trench coat and I love wearing it because it looks great and it keeps me warm and dry.

It really doesn’t matter if you cannot afford a designer trench, so long as it is well constructed and has basic lining.  A trench is indispensable on a cold and wet day.  It really is a wardrobe staple and it will certainly add value to your wardrobe in terms of it’s use and function, not just style alone.
Of course, the ultimate in trench coats is the Burberry Trench.

The Burberry Trench was created by Thomas Burberry who submitted his design for the a raincoat to the UK War Office in 1901 which went on to became an optional item of dress in the British Army for officers.  It later became known as the Trench coat because it was worn primarily by soldiers fighting in the trenches in the first World War.

By the 1940’s other nations had adapted the design for their own armed forces, notably the United States and the Soviet Union.  A typical design of this time featured 10 button, double-breasted long coat of tan, beige, khaki or black fabric.

The Trench coat has gone on to become an iconic piece of clothing.  It has appeared in many movies, think Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Rick Blain in Casablanca.

Doesn’t Charlize Theron look classy and sophisticated in her classic trench?
So if you want my advice, this winter the piece that we should all me adding to our wardrobe is trench coat.  It is a classic that is destined to be handed down from mother to daughter (or father to son) for generations.

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