I Like a New Decorating Idea

Carpet in a bathroom?

A strange notion, but not an unusual one in some countries. When I first visited the UK, the bathroom in the house we were staying in had carpet in it. It seems strange because a bathroom is a room that gets well, wet! And the smell of wet carpet is akin to the smell of wet dog, n’est pas?
This bathroom belongs to Carolina Herrera Jr and I have been holding on to this picture for a while now. I new that I had to write about it when I first saw it because even for its use of carpet, it is a lovely room and I think I would probably even linger a little longer on a cold winter’s morning.

I like to move the furniture around my house when I feel it is looking tired. It can give a room a lift and it also gives me an excuse to show off different pieces that may have been lost in the current arrangement. The moment I walk in to a room I have recently done this to I feel like I have moved into a new house and it just feels gloriously refreshing to me.

It’s the same when I spy something I adore in a magazine, like this upholstered bed. I have scrap books filled with ideas I’ve torn from the pages of magazines. It is something I have done for as long as I can remember and I love going through these books from time to time to discover how my tastes have changed or if they have stayed the same.

I wish I had a jewelery box like this one. It’s filled to the brim with gorgeous coloured beads. It would be difficult to choose which one to wear with a collection like this.

I like the idea of using different items to zjusz up a bedroom, like these parasols. My little girls would be dancing about with pure delight at their upside-down brollies being used as light shades.

Outdoor mood lighting is also important to me because as a family we tend to entertain a lot in the evenings during the summer. Sometimes it’s nice to use a little of the indoors to enhance the mood outdoors, like lighting and furniture for example. In this picture I like the use of the antique chandelier hanging from a branch – it looks like a fairy’s tea-party.
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  1. i like too – muchly! you write it up so well my dear – keep up the excellent work… love dropping by this neck of the woods – db x

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