I Like Drew Barrymore’s New Look

Meet the New Drew.

Although I have to admit I was not feeling it at first. I really thought she had honed her edgy- bohemian look over the last couple of years and I had enjoyed seeing that look evolve on her.

Her auburn hair colour I covet and she always had an edge to her ensembles, even if it was just a glimpse of her ankle tattoo. It’s her warm and down-to-earth self-deprecating personality that reflects her outer glow and makes her someone you would like to have as your friend I think. She’s a little bit naughty too and isn’t afraid to show it.

Her portfolio for Missoni in 2006 was beautifully shot and showed Drew looking like a gorgeous and sexy Italian seniorina.

The first I saw of Drew’s change in style the Golden Globe Awards in January. I was not sure that her stylist (if she was using one) had steered her in the right direction at first. I was just not expecting to see her blonde, frou-frou-ed and so Hollywood!

Then as I saw more and more of her Grey Garden’s premiere looks I began to look forward to what she would wear next.

Each new ensemble was expertly put together and even though I sometimes think that Drew is not a high fashion mannequin (like say Nicole or Uma), she nonetheless has achieved poise and grace in her look and as she appears in more and more fashion spreads for magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue it seems as if her look is in demand and that Fashion Editors are clamouring to have her appear in their magazine.

I’m a sucker for assymetrical patterns, stripes and I just can’t say no to a sexy red heel!
While I look forward to her return to the auburn hair, jeans and relaxed attitude, I am liking this look a lot more now.

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