I Heart Her Majesty

It’s the Queen’s Birthday holiday here today… gotta love her Majesty!

So because of that it is going to be a busy day hanging out with hubby and kids and trying to get out after being holed up inside over the weekend with severe southerly winds, rain and ice!

It is nice to see some sunshine, but it is still very windy out there.
Hubby even baked eggs this morning for breakfast, a triumph indeed.

I will leave you today with just a gorgeous pic to keep you going until I’m back on board tomorrow with kiddies at school and hubby at work.

Christy Turlington in Galliano photographed by Shawn Mortensen.

These Shoes Are Good for the Soul (or should I say sole?)

 The YSL cage

Are they practical?  Non, but does it make her feet look transcendent?  Oui, absolument!

Once again it is time to lust after some goodies for your feet.
As always they are avant garde, unconventional, and impossibly unattainable.
So relax, kick back and enjoy my little fashionistas!

Aren’t these Christian Louboutin hot pink platform pumps delovely?

 Christian Louboutin

These Louboutin boots are fierce.  They look like they belong to a domanitrix or a stormtrooper, either way the woman that wears these boots is not to be trifled with I can assure you.

Image from Jak & Jil 

Another architectural triumph!

These might be a little closer to being mine that I ever thought possible after I spotted a pair in a store window this week.  J’adore the look of these with the torn jeans, don’t you?

Awesome to see world-famous New Zealand designer Karen Walker being worn on the feet of some Parisienne Voguette! 

Prada platforms

 These look a little precarious to walk in, but oh so hot.

These are just cool.  I don’t think I would ever take these off my feet. 

Well heeled?  Carine Roitfeld in her Martin Margiela boots.  We’ve seen her in these boots before, but honestly, I just can’t believe that these would be comfortable.  Oh, I forgot!  It has absolutely nothing to do with comfort – it’s all about fashion, n’est pas?

Ann Demuelemeester

This Belgian designer is famed for her gothic designs, which makes this boot with its sharp heel and multiple laces pure goth.

I don’t know about the acid green pants, but these Marni platforms look super comfy, don’t you think?  But then again, they probably aren’t.

Well there it is, this weeks round up of all that is funky and fashionable in shoes.

Of course, we can dream, can’t we?

I Heart A Philip Treacy Hat

When I lived in Sydney, not so long ago, one of my favourite things to do was to pop into the David Jones Jones millinery department and spend as much time as I had up my sleeve trying on all the hats.  This was especially helpful if I was having a bad day as I felt transported just being there.  My worries disappeared, my stress fell away, it was bliss.

Philip Treacy, the artist at work.

This was how I discovered the world’s greatest milliner, Philip Treacy.  In my opinion, there is no finer milliner.  No one has his daring  and creative approach to design, he is fearless.

Linda Evangelista on the cover of Vogue Italia June 2008 wearing a hat designed by Philip Treacy.

Treacy’s talent was evident from the very beginning.  Discovered by the late Isabella Blow in 1989, she knew he was going to change the face of millinery.  At the time Isabella was style editor for Tatler magazine and after meeting him she commissioned Philip to make her a hat for her wedding and as luck would have it (the luck of the Irish perhaps?) he was blessed with having a client that sought out the unusual and the unconventional.

 Isabella wearing her elaborate head-dress designed by Philip Treacy for her wedding to Detmar Blow.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art with first class honours, Philip moved into Isabella and Detmar Blow’s basement where he set up his workshop.  Isabella the benefactor became the artist’s muse and they talked of nothing but hats, hats, hats!

In 1991 Treacy was to meet chief designer at Chanel Karl Largerfeld and became their chief milliner for the next 10 years.  Not a bad job straight out of university.  He was just 23 years old.  Wow!

Treacy and models at a haute couture show.

The real change for him happened after his first catwalk show.  Supermodel’s Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Yasmin Le Bon all agreed to model his hats, (an all black collection) and were paid not in money, but in hats.  The media went crazy when the girls did his show and this changed how hats were seen in fashion from then on.

 Isabella Blow wearing a Philip Treacy creation.

By 1999 Treacy was designing for Alexander McQueen for Givenchy in Paris while while still designing for Chanel.

Some of Treacy’s designs for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy.

This led to the first ever Haute Couture show devoted purely to hats which was held in Paris by the chambar syndical de la haute couture and of course Treacy was invited to contribute.

Treacy has now taken his design esthetic into other mediums, designing accessories, glass wear and furniture.  Treacy was awarded an OBE by her majesty the Queen in 2007 in recognition of his services to the British Fashion industry.

“Glamour is a world-wide currency” – Philip Treacy

“I believe in beauty and elegance and communicating thoughts and dreams in a visual way. I started designing hats 15 years ago while I was a student at the Royal College of Art.  It was at a time when hats were perceived publicly as something worn by ladies of a certain age and something from a bygone era.  I thought this was totally ridiculous and simply believed “we all have a head, so everybody has the possibility to wear a hat.” – Philip Treacy

A design sketch by Philip Treacy.

“I have had the greatest pleasure of having the opportunity to challenge people’s perception of what a hat should look like in the 21st Century.”

This butterfly hat is truly my favourite.  I imagine the wearer must feel like they are in a butterfly enclosure, it is pure whimsy, sigh.  If I was lucky enough to own this piece of millinery genius, I would have it on display in my home for all to see.

This post is dedicated to my friend Trudi Francis.

I Like to Dream of Summer Days

Lately I have been dreaming of a bicycle ride along the sunny shoreline at the beach.  You know, when the days are long, the sun is shining down on your shoulders and the summer breeze is flowing through your hair.   Makes me think of string bikinis, cute shorts, flip-flops (or Birkenstocks in my case) and when your hair is looking amazing from all the sea-water and salty air, even if it has been almost a week since you last washed it.
There is a problem with this fantasy though and it’s not just that summer is a distant memory and winter is fast approaching.  I don’t actually own a bicycle.

This gorgeous photo (thanks Bliss) sends me back in time to the early 80’s.  I had a blue bike with a white seat and white rims on my tyres too. This is the style of bicycle I want to get myself.  Old school with a basket on the front and painted in a pastel gelato-colour that looks good enough to eat.

The Cherryblossom Girl

Bikes are fast becoming the chicest mode of transport, if only we could look as fabulous as Aggy while we skoot around town.  Every where I look these days I see papparazzi photos of some Hollywood star on their bicycle.  Brad Pitt, Elle McPherson, Chloe Sevigny, Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson et al…

Diane Kruger and Aggy (on her Gucci cycle) looking very stylish.

Chloe Sevigny (check out that basket, I love it!)

Elle McPherson is always too cool for school, imagine being picked up from school by this?

This picture of Audrey Hepburn on her bicycle with her little dog in the basket is so cute.  Maybe I should wear a scarf too?  I mean I should make sure I look
the part, shouldn’t?
Just because I’m riding a bike doesn’t mean I can’t look stylish, right?


I mean honestly, who wouldn’t look stylish on this red number?
Designer bicycle are becoming de rigueur with the likes of Hermes, Chanel and Gucci producing haute couture cycles.  And they have to be seen to be believed – especially the price tag!

Chanel (top) and Gucci


As nice as it would be to have such a gorgeous bike to ride around on, I would be so concerned that my beauty would get stolen that I probably wouldn’t want to leave it unattended anywhere.  If I bought a Chanel cycle, would it come with free body-guard?

I adore the wheel spokes on this bike, reminds me of Penny Farthing.  The leather seat and the shape of the handle bars is also old school.  Beats those modern bikes any day I think!

Even the Sartorialist is posting pictures of people on bikes, which is definitely saying something.  It has to be a stylish past-time for certain now, wouldn’t you agree?

A bicycle leans on a deli in Umbria.  Sigh.

Well my mind is made up.  I surely have to get a new bicycle now.  I’m off to find the best Gucci knock-off I can find!

I know what I’d rather be doing.

I Like Inspiration Walls

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a wall, a cork-board, or a bit of space, sometimes I’ve even used my fridge; but always somewhere in my home where I can pin pictures, postcards, mementos, photos, even torn pages of magazines.

It all started back in high school, I remember covering my bedroom walls from corner to corner with pictures from my Elle magazines.  I don’t know why I started doing this, possibly because it was more interesting than white paint, and possibly because my parents would not let me paint my room the colour I wanted.  It seemed like a good way to bring colour to my room without it being permanent.
I remember covering a whole wall in a kitchen of my rented flat once.  I used gorgeous pictures of food and dream travel destinations, it really zjuszed up my boring kitchen wall.

Some of the postcards and pictures I have collected are starting to look a little worn, the edges are curling and the white of the page has turned yellow because I have been holding onto some of them for over a decade.  I can’t find any pictures of my bedroom room at home, but I do have one of my room at college for you, (talk about a time-warp!)

Apart from being a massive Sting fan (I still am), if you look carefully, you can see that I was also a Winona Ryder fan (I still am).  For me, this photo represents a moment in time.  Freaky!

Whether you call it an inspiration wall, a mood board, or inspiration board, call it what you like, but it all serves the same purpose.  It is a place to put things that are meaningful to you. 

I decided to do a little surfing and see if other people out there made inspiration walls and I found that there are plenty of people out there who do!

My inspiration wall at home.

Since moving into our home in three months ago, my blog seems to have become my inspiration wall.  I still love to have an actual inspiration wall though, even if it is smaller than usual.  But it’s always evolving anyway, that’s the whole point of an inspiration wall.  

Think I may need a bigger cork-board.

I Like More Rainy Day Inspiration

It’s raining.  Again.

I have no means of getting out of the house because my car is being serviced (this has taken all week, not one day as we thought) and I am definitely not the type of person that likes to get outside and walk in the rain.  Never have been, never will be.

I write today a little exhausted from a week of long and creative blogging, and so I thought I would simply post more things to do on a rainy day.  I hope they will inspire some one out there in the cosmic void.

Transport yourself away from the gloomy rain and read a book.  I love this book so much, I highly recommend you read it and if you have already then it is time to read it again!

Even better, grab your book and read it in the bath tub for a more relaxing and indulgent experience.

You could listen to John Mayer while in the tub, (he always warms the cockles of my heart).

Think sunny thoughts.

Do some yoga.  Always a good way to spend some time.

Invite some friends around and play Mah-jong.  Simply the greatest game ever, so much fun and very social.

Cuddle a kitty.  This is my friend Sarah’s beautiful boy Moby, possibly the most affectionate cat ever.  Look at his paw, he’s just sitting there and he’s pawing the ground, he’s so full of love!

Then of course there’s always shopping online, isn’t there?

Rainy days make for the need for more closet space. I think I will leave it at that, says it all really.

I Heart Vogue

For me, magazines are the ultimate way to pass the time.  One of my favourite things to do is to find a quiet corner, put my feet up and read a magazine from cover to cover, completely undisturbed.

Linda, Christy, Cindy – Vogue US

In The Devil Wears Prada, Stanley Tucci’s character Nigel makes a statement to Andy about the how the magazine has published some of the greatest artists of the century.  I love that because it rings true, it is not just words in a script.

Nigel:  “Don’t you know that you are working at the place that published some of the greatest artists of the century? Halston, Lagerfeld, de la Renta. And what they did, what they created was greater than art because you live your life in it. … You think this is just a magazine, hmm? This is not just a magazine. This is a shining beacon of hope… ”

Naomi, Linda, Tatiana, Christy, Cindy – 1990

They say to never judge a book by its cover.  Well, when it comes to magazines, the cover is the most important aspect of the whole magazine.  If the cover does not make you want to instantly buy it, then the editor has not done their job properly.

 Christy Turlington – Vogue Italia 1993

Vogue magazine has some of the most memorable covers of all time.

The fact that the magazine dates back to 1892 means that there are hundreds of covers that have been produced over the years.  Add to that the 21 countries that Vogue is published in around the world, then that’s a huge collection of covers.  I have over ten years of Vogue Australia that I have collected over the years, and I also have numerous editions from the US, UK and Paris.  I just can’t part with them, I hope that my two little girls will appreciate that I have lugged them around the country-side and the world for them!















 United Kingdom

 United States

Vogue was described by book critic Caroline Weber in The New York Times in December 2006  as “the world’s most influential fashion magazine.”

“Vogue is to our era what the idea of God was, in Voltaire’s famous parlance, to his: if it didn’t exist, we would have to invent it.  Revered for its editorial excellence and its visual panache, the magazine has long functioned as a bible for anyone worshiping at the altar of luxury, celebrity and style.  And while we perhaps take for granted the extent to which this trinity dominates consumer culture today, Vogue’s role in catalyzing its rise to pre-eminence cannot be underestimated.”

Hmm, cannot be underestimated.  Fascinating, n’est pas?

Images from Google.

Viva Mademoiselle Chanel!

I cannot wait to see Coco Avant Chanel.  The gorgeous Audrey Tautou (of Amelie) stars as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, a woman who changed how we wear clothing, what we wear, how we think about clothing and how to accessorize.


The film is visually and cinematographically stunning and the costumes are divine.  How wonderful to have been involved in the wardrobe department for this film?   I have been waiting for the French to make this film forever.  It is no wonder that we’ve waited so long, we had to wait for Audrey Tautou, oui?

Coco is known for inventing the Little Black Dress but it is the iconic Chanel couture jacket which I believe is Chanel’s true legacy.  There are many construction details that distinguish it from a traditional tailored jacket. The silk lining is quilted directly to the exterior fabric, the long exterior seams are machine sewn, as are the shoulder seams.  The interior lining seams and the outside edges of the lining are turned under and hand stitched to the edge of the jacket.


Then the three-piece sleeve (a Chanel feature) is hand sewn to the body of the jacket.  The heavy trims, cast metal buttons and the curbed chain sewn to the hem have a functional purpose by adding weight to the garment.  The end result is a supremely comfortable garment that feels more like a sweater than a jacket.


Chanel was a genius.  The elements of her designs have changed very little throughout the years, which is testament to Karl Largefeld and his exemplary skill as art director for Chanel since 1983.

She was a woman with innate style and she knew how to project intelligence, class and sophistication by the way she dressed.  What’s so fabulous about this is that she was a teacher of style and passed on her skills to the women who wore her clothing and to the fashion editors who wrote about and photographed her clothes.  This has trickled down from the fashion elite to the bottom rungs of the fashion world – those of us that can only dream of owning an original Chanel garment.  We may own Chanel sunglasses or maybe even a handbag, but that’s as close as we will come to fashion nirvana.  Sigh.

She also knew what to say and how to say it.   I will leave you with a few of Chanel’s famous quotes.

“The best colour in the whole wide world is the one that looks good on you.”
“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.  Fashion is in the sky, in the street.  Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”

Need I say more?

I Heart Natalia as Alice.

There is no other photographer like Annie Leibovitz because she has the innate ability to bring life and light to the subjects in her photographs.  

Natalia Vodianova in blue flower ruffle dress designed by Olivier Theyskens (as Lewis Carroll) for Rochas. 

This US Vogue editorial was shot in 2003 and stars Natalia Vodianova as Alice.  Honestly, I’ve always wondered what the fuss is about Natalia but after seeing these images I now see her in a whole new light.  What’s bizaar about that is these shots are six years old! 

Vodianova in sky-blue silk satin dress by Tom Ford (as the White Rabbit) for YSL Rive Gauche.

Also featured in this editorial are designers of the couture modeled by Natalia.   Annie has become known for her elaborate editorials for magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair.

 Helmut Lang organza mini-dress.

How great is this shot of Alice after she drinks the potion so she then grows too big for the room.  I love Vodianova’s expression in this shot, and the colour of the dress is gorgeous.

Vodianova with Marc Jacobs (as a mushroom dweller) in his ruffled chiffon mini-dress.

I can only imagine the size of her budget for this scale of work.  Most other photographers can only dream of having the budget she must have to work with.

 Vodianova in blue silk-jersey draped dress by Jean-Paul Gaultier (as the Cheshire Cat).

The logistics of organizing a shoot of this scale is mind-boggling.  Getting the designers to agree to the shoot too would not have been easy I’m sure (the size of the egos involved – can you imagine?).

 Vodianova in Viktor & Rolf multi-layered silk dress.

Brilliant but eccentric designers Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren as Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee is casting genius!  Magically Annie uses her lens to bring these characters to life.  How does she get her subjects to show such depth?  You can see it in their eyes, their facial expression and in their body language.

Vodianova in Christian Lacroix Couture dress of lace and frilled lame.

Alice joins Christian Lacroix as the March Hare and Milliner Stephen Jones as the Mad Hatter for tea.

Vodianova in Dior Haute Couture hand-painted polka-dot dress by John Galliano.

John Galliano (wearing a Dior Haute Couture coat) as the Queen of Hearts looks like he had a ball doing this shoot.  He is accompanied by his King, Alexis Roche.

  Vodianova in Atelier Versace layered silk-tulle and chiffon-organza dress lined in lace.

Donatella Versace as the Gryphon and Rupert Everett as the Mock Turtle, his sorrow is that “once, I was a real turtle”.  Annie’s work is now so stylised that it is not difficult to know you are looking at a Leibovitz photograph.  Much like knowing a garment is made by Chanel, you just know, it’s unmistakable.

 Vodianova in ocean-blue crystal pleated chiffon Balenciaga Couture dress by Nicholas Ghesquiere.

Although these days I’m sure all Annie has to do is turn up and take the picture because all the hard work is done by staff.  But she still has to start with a vision and a concept. 

Did I mention that the couture is to-die-for?  Goes without saying really.

I Am Just Feeling A Little Bit Sad…

Image from Ffffound!
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