I Wish (I Want) to Visit Paris Right Now.

Ah, Paris. Where else can you find a store that sells vintage Hermes handbags?

Whenever I visit The Paris Apartment blog, I get carried away and transported to another place and time.

I don’t know why Paris is so meaningful to me.  I get so easily distracted when I come across anything relating to Paris (or France in general) because I am immediately enthralled.

Here are some more gorgeous images from The Paris Apartment.  They make me feel tres ooh la la!

The turquoise detail in the picture is pure delight! I feel like I want to grab a paintbrush and add some colour to the house.

 Then again, the honey floor boards and the white washed walls and ceiling of this apartment are clean and pure perfection.

I think of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet when I look at this balcony.

Isn’t this picture quintessential Paris? I have tried and failed many times to get that shade of grey-green just right.

I adore the parquetry floor in this apartment.  It’s also clever how they have made a large room more functional by using furniture to create separate sitting areas.

A beautiful view.

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One thought on “I Wish (I Want) to Visit Paris Right Now.

  1. Once Mum sees those Dior rings and that Paris apartment, she will do back flips! Mum LOVES your taste…and even though that doesn’t sound like a compliment, Mum has always been very styley…so believe me it really is! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Wanna do a weekend in Paris soon?

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