Snow White Lives Here

I like this portrait of Snow White by Annie Leibovitz. I think that if Snow White the movie was being cast today, then they need look no further than Rachel Weisz.

I have two little girls and they adore playing dress-ups. It is not unusual for me to be seen at our local shops with a little Snow White or Sleeping Beauty in tow. Annabel in particular is fond of turning up to Kindy dressed in full costume. Sometimes I catch her acting out Snow White’s death scene. She bites into an apple, her eyes roll back in her head, she swoons and then collapses onto the ground in mock death. Then after Prince Charming (played by her big sister Chloe) gives her the kiss of life, she hops up and takes a bow. This is home theatre that I am privileged to be privy to.

While they are currently obsessed with all things “Disney Princess” I am discovering that this can be a blessing and a curse. Whenever we see anything related to a Disney princess, their faces light up, they sigh and ooh and ahh! Then it’s “Mummy look at this!” and “Mummy can I have that one?” And then there’s “Today I am going be Belle/Cinderella/Snow White/Ariel/Sleeping Beauty.” Followed by the inevitable argument over who is going to be which princess – oh the drama!

Lately they have taken to coercing me into surfing the internet to look for pictures of princesses. It was while surfing that we came across these images of Annie Leibovitz’ Dream Portrait series for Disney. While it is all very commercial, they are nonetheless beautiful interpretations of classic Disney characters. After Snow White, we had to of course continue our search for their other favourite princesses, Cinderella (Scarlett Johansson) and Ariel (Julianne Moore). Alas we were left wondering whatever happened to Sleeping Beauty and Belle?

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