A New Life…

Finally, finally, we’ve settled into our new home.

I’ve begun rising early and taking our dog Jet for runs along the beach, watching the sun rise over the sea.  It’s so beautiful. I love this time alone and sharing it with Jet.  It wakes me up and gets me into a clear and happy head-space so I can happily sort the girls for school and kindy without the usual grumpy-mummy demeanor that usually prevails.  
It has been tougher than expected, and the toughness was truly, unexpected.  It’s not tough in that we had to face anything extreme, but it was the transition, the letting go and embracing the new.  I came into it with an open mind but without realising it or expecting it, I still had to face demons of the past.  I refuse to allow myself to go back down that path again.  Wellington is offering a new beginning and that’s the path I have chosen to take.  I’m loving it here!  I’m in this amazing, beautiful place and my girls are thriving, my husband is thriving in his career and now it’s my turn to thrive too, damn it!  
And so, I am meeting new and interesting people, forcing myself to jump in to going against type,  and reaping the benefits!  Instead of rushing into things and falling out of interest, I am taking my time and waiting…  just waiting.  That’s all for now.
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